We hunt the Beaverhead and Tendoy mountain ranges in Southwest Montana, hunting districts 300,302,328,329.  We hunt 2000 acres of private land and 250,000 acres of public land.

The hunting area consists of open sage, combination of sage and timber to fully timbered mountains.  Elevation varies from 6,000 ft to 9,000 ft. 

All 4 hunting districts that we hunt are Brow tine Bull or cows, as well as buck mule deer or doe mule deer.  This makes your opportunity for success high.

All hunts are 5 full days and 2 half days.  We provide 2:1 hunter guide ratio.  We average 6 hunters maximum per week

Our resident elk population averages over 2000 elk, with at least 1200 elk in close proximity of our hunting cabin.   You will experience hunting bachelor groups of bulls and herds of cows, calves and bulls. 

Our hunting is done by spot and stalk.  This means glassing to spot the elk, and then stalking the elk within shooting distance.

4 wheel drive vehicles are used for accessing our hunting areas.  This amounts to 10 to 45 minutes of traveling before daylight to get to good hunting. 

The weather you will hunt in can change daily.  You will see nice fall weather to snow and cold weather later in our 5-week season.   

Our rifle season runs from the last week in October through the end of November.  You have 5 weeks to choose from. 

While hunting you will be staying out our fully furnished cabin on the family ranch.  Built in 2012by Charles and his family.  You will enjoy home style meals, warm bed, running water and WIFI

Our hunting price is all inclusive, including food and lodging.   The only additional cost you may have is personal gear you wish to bring, meet processing,  taxidermy cost, and Montana hunting licenses.    There are local meat processors and taxidermists that will take care of all your needs. 


Non Resident Applications due March 15


Elk: Early September through Mid October


Deer and Elk: Late October through Late November

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